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  • Multiple Tenure-Track Faculty Openings
    University of South Carolina
    College of Engineering and Computing

    The College of Engineering and Computing at the University of South Carolina (USC) is in the process of significantly expanding its tenured and tenure-track faculty members. The College is seeking thought leaders with capacity for both creating disciplinary knowledge and engaging in multiple cross-cutting research thrusts, described below.

    Energy and Water:
    Providing energy and water for mankind are two of the 21st century’s greatest technical challenges. Research on energy and water are often intertwined. Significant changes in the energy landscape are being driven by disruptive technologies in energy generation, harvesting, and storage, as well as such as advances in energy transactions and grid management. The latter encompasses, for example, design and management of the electrical grid at all scales, electronic control of power flows, and the fusion of data science and with the nation’s energy economy. Advances in water research are needed to provide safe, low-cost supplies for human consumption, agriculture, and industry. We also seek expertise in modeling the effects of societal and technological developments in energy and water on our natural and built environment, both inland and coastal.

    Smart and Connected Communities:
    Cities and communities are entering a new era in which inhabitants and environments are connected by smart technologies. Enabling such communities requires advances in conceiving, modeling, and developing cyber-physical systems and infrastructure. Digital connectedness will revolutionize the design of systems; the safe operation of critical infrastructure (communications, transportation, energy); the efficiency and productivity of manufacturing; the quality of education, life, safety, and security of humans; and the use of increasingly scarce energy resources. The interaction of smart systems with human inhabitants is a central aspect of this theme.

    Healthcare Transformations:
    Healthcare is undergoing a critical transformation to an evidence basis, requiring new understanding ranging from personalized medicine and disease markers to large-scale societal behaviors. Transformative advancements will require research in biomarker identification, data analytics and clinical decision support, interoperability, telemedicine, mobile health apps, biosystems modeling, bioimaging and biosensing. Current collaborative efforts involve the Schools of Public Health, Medicine, Pharmacy, and Nursing, and the College seeks to expand these efforts.

    Agile Manufacturing:
    An advanced manufacturing base is essential to the economic and societal health of the state and nation. We seek faculty to discover and develop new materials and practical methods for manufacture of novel, made-to-order products. Advances will not only support the state’s existing manufacturing base, but will enable economic development with new technologies. The field is also ripe for development of advanced sensors, controls, and robots, for example, and for digital design, visualization and simulation, and innovation of manufacturing processes.

    Transformative Computing:
    Advances in computing underpin every discipline and all societal needs, and are shaping our lives, our society, and our physical world in profound ways. Transformational computing encompasses a wide range of research topics, including cybersecurity, computational and data science, software engineering, computer architecture, sensors, location and positioning, intelligent systems, machine learning, virtual and augmented reality, Internet-of-Things, mobile computing, and human-computer interaction. Recognizing the increasingly pervasive nature of computing, the College of Engineering and Computing seeks to extend its expertise and research capacity at the dynamic intersection of computing and other disciplines. We seek both fundamental and applied research that will support CEC initiatives in community connectedness, health care, manufacturing, and energy/water.

    Applicants are encouraged to consider both their academic homes and how their professional preparation aligns with the five research focus areas. The grid below should be used to direct the submission of application materials. More information about each department and their search interests are found at the links below.

    [b]Energy and Water[/b]
    [url=]Chemical Engineering[/url]
    [url=]Civil & Environmental Engineering[/url]
    [url=]Electrical Engineering[/url]
    [url=]Mechanical Engineering[/url]

    [b]Smart & Connected Communities[/b]
    [url=]Civil & Environmental Engineering[/url]
    [url=]Computer Science & Engineering[/url]
    [url=]Electrical Engineering[/url]
    [url=]Integrated Information Technology[/url]
    [url=]Mechanical Engineering[/url]

    [b]Healthcare Transformations[/b]
    [url=]Biomedical Engineering [/url]
    [url=]Computer Science & Engineering [/url]
    [url=]Integrated Information Technology [/url]

    [b]Agile Manufacturing[/b]
    [url=]Biomedical Engineering [/url]
    [url=]Chemical Engineering [/url]
    [url=]Computer Science & Engineering [/url]
    [url=]Electrical Engineering [/url]
    [url=]Mechanical Engineering [/url]

    [b]Transformative Computing[/b]
    [url=]Computer Science & Engineering [/url]
    [url=]Integrated Information Technology[/url]

    The University is investing significantly in the College of Engineering and Computing. These investments enable the College to achieve its vision of producing liberally educated engineers and computer scientists who are exposed to, and engage in leading-edge fundamental and translational research. Being housed in a world-class comprehensive University, the College enjoys a strategic advantage for leading interdisciplinary research and education that makes a difference in society.

    Continuing a strong tradition of engineering dating from 1848, USC Engineering and Computing seeks candidates for multiple open-rank, tenured or tenure-track faculty positions. Successful candidates are expected to engage in funded research, teach at the undergraduate and graduate levels, and perform service for the institution and professional organizations. Each successful candidate will have appointment in one or possibly two departments, with one department identified as tenure home, based on individual qualifications. Rank, tenure status, and compensation are contingent upon experience. An earned doctoral degree is a requirement.

    The University of South Carolina is the Flagship University of the State. It was founded in 1801, and is one of the nation’s oldest and most comprehensive public universities. Columbia, the seat of South Carolina government, was ranked by as the third best college town in 2016. The temperate climate, the family friendly and resurgent city, the proximity to the beaches and mountains, and the traditions and beauty of the historic University with forward-leaning benefits and practices, provide for a high quality of life. The strategic investments of the state over the past two decades in automotive, aerospace, energy, and manufacturing areas provide ample opportunity for collaboration with industry.

    Applicants must apply online within the [url][/url] website, or use the associated URL link from the chart above. Applications received before February 28, 2018 will be given full consideration. The application packet should include (1) a letter of intent, (2) curriculum vitae, (3) a concise description of research plans, (4) a teaching plan, and (5) names and contact information of 3-5 references. Questions about the positions in this advertisement should be directed to the email address noted within the posting.

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