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Post-doc Topology Optimization Method for adsorption fluidized beds in TSA configuration REF23PDR205
University of São Paulo

Date Posted Mar. 8, 2023
Title Post-doc Topology Optimization Method for adsorption fluidized beds in TSA configuration REF23PDR205
University University of São Paulo More About This Institution...
Sao Paulo, Brazil
Department Mechatronics and Mechanical Systems Engineering
Application Deadline Mar. 26, 2023
Position Start Date April 2023
  • Post-Doc
  • Mechatronics
    Mechanical Engineering
    Industrial & Systems Engineering
    Engineering Mechanics
    Computer Engineering
    Engineering - Other

Research theme area:
Topology optimization applied to fluidized beds to increase their adsorption capacity and reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.

The candidate will collaborate with researchers from the "Optimization-Based Design Of Temperature Swing Adsorption (TSA) Systems For CO2 Capture From Biomass-Derived Gases Ar Large Scale" project at the FAPESP-Shell Gas Research and Innovation Center of Poli-USP at the University of São Paulo. The program summary and projects are on the RCGI website ( Post-combustion CO2 capture is considered essential for the mitigation of global warming. Temperature swing adsorption (TSA) for CO2 capture from flue gas has already been demonstrated in bench-scale, and one demonstration plant is starting, using multiple-stage fluidized beds. This research aims to develop design criteria for TSA for biomass-derived gases containing about 10 -15 % CO2 at large scales. To this end, it is proposed to combine chemical process analysis and optimization, computational fluid dynamics (CFD) techniques, topology optimization, and experimental data on the thermodynamics and kinetics of adsorption for biomass CO2. The chemical process analysis yields optimum process configuration, temperatures, and pressures in each sorption and desorption stage. Detailed phenomenological studies with CFD and topology optimization methods address the stage design issue. Topology optimization is a highly generic tool for optimizing material distribution within a domain. In the last decades, it has presented significant advances in its implementation and the possibility of exploring existing manufacturing methods. The project will involve challenges such as solid-fluid multiphase flow, high nonlinearity, transient optimization, and numerical instabilities inherent to the modelling method applied. Implementation will occur in COMSOL Multiphysics and/or FEniCS/dolfin-adjoint for adjoint calculation and optimization.

The candidate will contribute aligned with the main objectives of the project:
1. Develop a topology optimization formulation for fluidized beds;
2. Develop a methodology using topology optimization to design external components for fluidized bed stages aiming to increase adsorption capacity;
3. Develop a methodology using topology optimization to design internal components for fluidized bed stages aiming to eliminate stagnant regions and poor solid distribution.

Requirements to fill the position:
This project is suitable for a highly motivated candidate and requires programming skills in Python/C++, experience in COMSOL Multiphysics and FEniCS software, proficiency in English, and expertise in computational mechanics, finite element/volume method, adsorption phenomenon, topology optimization, and algorithm analysis.
- The candidate must have a PhD level expertise in Engineering, with the competencies described above.

This Postdoc fellowship is funded by FAPESP. The fellowship will cover a standard maintenance stipend of R$ 8.479,20 (Reais) per month.

Position: Post-Doctoral Fellowship REF: 23PDR205

Access here AND APPLICATION AT REF Post-Doctoral REF.:23PDR205

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Contact Information

  • RCGI
    Human Resources
    University of São Paulo
    Av Prof Mello Moraes, 2231
    Cidade Universitaria - Butanta
    Sao Paulo, Sao Paulo 05508-030


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