About This Department

Department: EEC Engineering
Insitution: University of Pretoria
  Pretoria, Gauteng
South Africa

The Carl and Emily Fuchs Institute for Microelectronics (CEFIM), within the Department of EEC Engineering, has been active in the field of microelectronics research and specialist training since 1981. The research and postgraduate programme is mainly in the field of integrated circuit design, especially the design of analog sensors and signal processors, RF circuits and optical receivers in CMOS technology. The simulation and modelling of circuits, devices and processing technologies are also investigated. Currently, CEFIM is pursuing a range of analog, RF, microwave and mm-wave microelectronic research projects, with particular emphasis on low-cost printed electronics packaging and additive manufacturing. The Institute is equipped with a full mm-wave metrology lab up to 110 GHz (including an anechoic chamber), as well as a range of 3D printers, screen printing and inkjet printing facilities.