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E-mail Me This: PhD student in Medical Robotics and Skill Analysis, Clemson University

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  • PhD student in Medical Robotics and Skill Analysis
    Clemson University

    Does clinically-motivated medical device research interest you?

    In partnership with the expert clinical collaborators, our lab has worked for the past several years to build devices that measure clinical skill like laparoscopic and robotic surgical skills. We are currently looking for motivated PhD students for Fall semester 2018 with the following background:

    • experience in hardware interfacing of sensors, devices and/or robots.
    • expertise in data acquisition via C++, MATLAB, etc. for sensor-based analytics and
    machine learning.
    • interest in applying engineering solutions to clinical/biomedical problems.
    • excellent interpersonal skills

    If interested, please email with the following items: latest resume/CV, major and GPA, brief statement regarding why student is interested in project, any previous project experience and publications.
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